Valentines Day Celebration Countdown and Devotional for Kids Activities, Bible Activities 2 Comments

My littles and I had such a wonderful time celebrating this past year’s advent season. We did an activity or family tradition each day of December (you can find the full line up on Instagram here).

As I began to take the decorations down after Christmas, I was reminiscing on all the fun we had and then this idea came to me—let’s keep all the fun going!

I wanted to create something that would have us looking forward to Valentines Day, but also focused on the heart of my littles.

The answer was LOVE.

Let’s focus on love. I want my littles to understand what love is and what love is not in a world that often seems to be very confused on the subject. The news headlines scream hate and discord. But God calls us to love Him and love one another.

And because of these commandments, as their mother, it is my mission to help them see, hear, feel, and understand LOVE, so that they might grow to BE LOVE, against the grain, for this world.

I created this Valentines Day Countdown to excite my littles while also exciting them about LOVE. 

Join me in taking 15 days to break down 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Patient. Envy. Boast. These are big words for little ones and I think the best way to start is defining what these words mean. I find that with my littles, the best way to do that is to give them biblical examples of those traits being displayed.

So from January 31st to February 14th, we will be counting the days down to LOVE DAY (thanks Daniel Tiger ;)) by reading passages display (or don’t display) the characteristics defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Will you join along? Will you help instill what love looks like in your family to impact your home, community, and beyond? 

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Snowflake Gift Craft for Toddlers Arts and Crafts, Christmas Theme 0 Comments

An easy to put together craft for your toddler to give as a gift to grandma or whoever this holiday season! 

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It’s a busy time of year. But let’s be honest, I think I am most always busy. We all choose the things that are most important to do and the rest sometimes falls to the wayside until there is time. 

I really enjoy doing crafts with my littles but sometimes I feel like there are just too many steps and so many supplies and I just don’t have time for that! Well here is a craft that is not any of those things!

Here’s how I put this Craft Together in 10 minutes

I simply gathered some white pipe cleaners and some pony beads (I had some left from the dollar store but am planning to buy more in these colors.

Next I cut 5 pipe cleaners to 4 inch pieces and 8 pipe cleaners to 1 in pieces. The 1 in pieces can be set aside until the end.

I twisted two 4 inch pieces together in the center to make a cross and twisted the third around those and finally the fourth one. 

Toddler Craft TIme

It is important to supervise this craft as pony beads are a choking hazard.

I had my littles come in and add the pony beads to each stem. I told them to count out 3 for each one. 

This is an excellent craft to work on fine motor, patterns, and counting–all skills that are important for them to be developing. 

Finishing Up

Once the littles were done, I twisted the one inch piece on the end to secure the beads and make it look more like a snowflake. I then took the final 4 inch pipe cleaner and wrapped the two ends around the top of one stem to make the hole for hanging on the tree.

It was such an easy craft and such a success that we are ordering more beads to make some more for gifts.

Christmas Light Sticker Sort Activity Activities, Christmas Theme 0 Comments

December is upon us! I’m so excited for this Christmas season! My little 2 and 3 year old are soo excited and it’s really rubbing off. I also have a ton to do to prepare this season. So I’m all about super easy activities that invite my littles to learn and be excited about all things Christmas. This activity is just that!

My little2years is learning his colors. He has quite the sense of humor and so he loves to get them wrong on purpose and laugh about it.His sense of humor is cute but also makes it hard to know what he knows and doesn’t know!

Then today, for the first time, he consistently matched and said *some* of the colors correctly! One proud Mama!

This activity is taking the classic sticker sort from Busy Toddler and adding a lovely holiday twist!


Stickers–these are more preschool friendly. I would recommend these for your toddler aged child!
Construction Paper
• A black marker or Sharpie
• *Optional* String or Ribbon. I used this.

Set Up

I free handed one of the light bulbs by drawing squiggle circles at the top and then drawing the two long lines down close to a point. Then I cut all of the christmas lights out together, copying my first bulb. Next, I drew in squiggle circles at the top of each one.

Finally I hung a piece of string on the wall and taped the light bulbs to the string. If you didn’t have string, you could just tape them onto the wall.

Invitation to Play

I shared with my littles that we were matching the color of the sticker with the color of the light bulb. I showed them one by example and they went right to work filling the bulbs with the matching stickers.

It was a blast and this gave them a good 30 minutes of fun and learning.

Hope you and your littles can enjoy this and many other super easy Christmas activities to celebrate this season! Follow along with our 25 day countdown of activities! Click the link and follow along on Instagram.