I’m Cortney, lover of Jesus, my family, and coffee.

Mama to 3 littles, ages three, eighteen months, and a newborn. Yes, you heard me right, 3 babies in 3 years!

I’m a certified school counselor and it is a passion of mine to work with children socially, emotionally, and academically. However, we made the family decision for me to stay home with our babies.

Mama + School Counselor = lots and lots of ideas for growing my babies socially, emotionally, and academically. This is why I do what I do and I love sharing my ideas to inspire you too!

Did I mention my AMAZING husband, Heath who supports me in all my crazy endeavors and loves our kids oh so so much! He works hard for our family so that I can enjoy these years at home.

So we love to constantly be changing it up with new arts and crafts, sensory bins, games, baking, and dramatic play, all the while mentoring to the heart of the child.

My littles get so excited when I say we are going to do a new activity (or an old favorite for that matter)! And so I’d love to help you for those days when you feel in a rut with new ideas to keep your little(s) busy, busy, busy.

Because who doesn’t love seeing the excitement on the face of your toddler when they create or play in a new way.

And not only that, but I want to see my children grow to love the Lord and to live their lives giving the glory to their Heavenly Father. And so I’d love to share with you my goal of missional motherhood–to teach my children the love of God through Gospel-centered lessons and daily life in the home.


Feel free to contact me at mamaoflittles@gmail.com for any questions you have for me!