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December is upon us! I’m so excited for this Christmas season! My little 2 and 3 year old are soo excited and it’s really rubbing off. I also have a ton to do to prepare this season. So I’m all about super easy activities that invite my littles to learn and be excited about all things Christmas. This activity is just that!

My little2years is learning his colors. He has quite the sense of humor and so he loves to get them wrong on purpose and laugh about it.His sense of humor is cute but also makes it hard to know what he knows and doesn’t know!

Then today, for the first time, he consistently matched and said *some* of the colors correctly! One proud Mama!

This activity is taking the classic sticker sort from Busy Toddler and adding a lovely holiday twist!


Stickers–these are more preschool friendly. I would recommend these for your toddler aged child!
Construction Paper
• A black marker or Sharpie
• *Optional* String or Ribbon. I used this.

Set Up

I free handed one of the light bulbs by drawing squiggle circles at the top and then drawing the two long lines down close to a point. Then I cut all of the christmas lights out together, copying my first bulb. Next, I drew in squiggle circles at the top of each one.

Finally I hung a piece of string on the wall and taped the light bulbs to the string. If you didn’t have string, you could just tape them onto the wall.

Invitation to Play

I shared with my littles that we were matching the color of the sticker with the color of the light bulb. I showed them one by example and they went right to work filling the bulbs with the matching stickers.

It was a blast and this gave them a good 30 minutes of fun and learning.

Hope you and your littles can enjoy this and many other super easy Christmas activities to celebrate this season! Follow along with our 25 day countdown of activities! Click the link and follow along on Instagram.

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