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I’m really excited to bring you this Mother’s Day craft! Here at Mama of Littles, we are focusing on learning about the garden and this craft went right along with that. AND even better, I will be reusing extra flowers for an outdoor activity next week…so stay tuned!

If you’re anything like me, thinking up a cute gift craft for your toddler is probably a last minute thing (in this case, morning of mothers day) and so I’ll get right to the steps of how we made these beautiful flower pots for our Grandmas.

Materials Needed:

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Card Stock
• Something to Color the flowers with (Paint, Crayons, Markers, Dab and Dot Dauber Markers, or Kwik Stix) We used Kwik sticks and dab and dot daubers. Both are major favorites with both littles!
Craft Sticks
• Terra Cotta Pots (I grabbed mine at the dollar store)
Play-Doh or molding clay
Beads (Optional add on!)

Don’t you love when you have practically everything for a craft already!? I only needed to pick up the terra cotta pots.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Print and cut out any flower pattern you’d like. I grabbed mine here: You can then size it to however big or little you want your flowers.
2. Trace onto cardstock paper and cut out the flower(s). We did quite a few flowers since we had several grandmas we were gifting these to.
3. Have the littles color the flower(s) with whatever choice of median you choose.
4. Glue on the craft stick.
5. Print out this free , cut it out, and glue on a craft stick.
6. Add playdoh to the terra cotta pot
7. Place flower(s) and Mothers Day sign in the pot

There you have it! My littles really enjoyed this and were very excited to give their flowers away for Mothers Day.

I would love to hear how yours turn out too!

Happy Mothers Day!

Simple Toddler Learning Activities: On a Walk Activities 0 Comments

I love to take walks. I started doing this pretty regularly when I was pregnant with my second. It was time outside that allowed me to not only spend time with my oldest, but also get some exercise and clear my head.

Some people say they do their best thinking in the shower but not me. I do it on a walk. While us mama’s pour most of our day into our kids, it’s still important to take time for you too!

Now you may be wondering how I keep the two (soon to be three) littles busy on our walks. Well today I wanted to share with you a few of my tricks to keeping everyone occupied without an ipad or phone so you too can get a little exercise.

Grab that stroller and let’s go!

3 Things We Do While On a Walk

1. We check out all the things around us. Dogs, houses, trees, squirrels, stop signs. Whatever you see on your typical path, talk about it with your toddler.

I’ve found this very helpful in building vocabulary in my 12-24 month olds.

And then ask questions about what you see for your 18-36 month olds.

“What color/shape is that sign?

“How many squirrels do you see?”

2. We sing songs…again a huge vocabulary builder and something my oldest and youngest love just the same!

And when I get out of breath, I just ask my oldest to keep singing while mama takes a few breaths! ☺

3. We eat snacks…okay so not me…just the littles ☺ On days like this, I intentionally plan snack time and our walk at the same time. I also prep snacks ahead of time so they are ready to go

So this one takes a little more planning…but if you’re looking for a nice, quiet walk, this is definitely it!

And those littles are still absorbing so much by watching everything that passes them by!

More recently, I’ve taken #1 on our list up a notch by making this awesome game of “I spy” for the littles.

It’s simple and fun for toddlers of all ages! I used some of the typical things we see on our walk and made them into flashcards for the littles to hold.

I recommend giving just 3 or so cards to younger toddlers to start out. That way they aren’t overwhelmed. They will quickly learn to search more specifically for the things on the few cards they have and then you can add some more.

Steps to making this awesome “I spy” game for your tots too!

1. click on the link, download, and print
2. cut out the cards you want to use
3. *optional* laminate (this saves mine from having to be reprinted!)
4. *optional* hole punch corner and tie together
5. Grab your stroller and get our there!

My oldest loves to take along a dry erase marker and mark off the things she sees!

This game really gets us talking even more about the things we see on our walk and the kids love that they have a “game” to play all along the way!

Stay tuned for some more toddler “I spy” coming soon!

What do you do to keep your little(s) busy while you walk or run? I’d love to hear more ideas from you!