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My littles just love farm animals. We don’t live on a farm so it’s fun for them to learn about the farm and play pretend at home. These books help to teach toddlers about farm life and these toys help to foster a love for pretend play on the farm. 

My Top 10 Farm Books

  1. Big Red Barn is a great book that illustrates well what a barn looks like, the big and little animals, and just gives toddlers a great example of what farm life looks like. This is one of our favorites and on our Christmas list to buy!
  2. Little Blue Truck is such a classic farm book! I love that it helps to teach all the sounds the farm animals make. But my favorite part is that this book teaches the concept of helping one another.
  3. Barnyard Dance! is a cute, engaging book for toddlers because of the rhyming and literally the beat you can sing this to as you read.
  4. And to go right along with singing books, Old MacDonald Had a Farm is such a classic but so great! There is something about all those catchy kids songs that children just love! If your child struggles to sit still to read books, I highly recommend this sing-a-long as well as many other classic sing-a-long books.
  5. Giggle, Giggle, Quack is a funny book about the farm animals getting into some trouble. To be completely honest, I read this quite a few times to my little3years and little2years and I’m still not sure they got the humor of the book but I thought it was so funny. They still really enjoyed this one though!
  6. This Usborne Lift and Look Tractors  book takes you all around the farm. My littles love looking under all the flaps and also enjoy looking for the chicken on each page.
  7. Another Usborne book we really enjoy is Baby Animals Flap Book  My littles again love looking under the flaps and finding all the baby animals. The illustrations in this book are great as well!
  8. First Farm Words is a great book that can be adapted in so many ways depending on the child and age. At first, I just point to words and tell my toddler what the word is. Then, when they are a little older, I might say “Where is…” and have them point to the word. Then finally, as they master vocabulary, I can point and say “what is that?” and they can tell me!
  9. Baby at the Farm is fantastic for a toddler that doesn’t like to sit long. It is engaging because it has flaps and touch-and-feel items.
  10. If your little love all things farm, they will love this Goodnight Tractor book. This is from the goodnight series and is a great book to read at bedtime to “put the tractor” and all the other things to bed as well.

My Top 5 Farm Toys

1. John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride is the perfect gift for the little who would love to haul the animals all around on their very own tractor.

2. John Deere Push ‘N’ Roll Vehicle is another engaging tractor toy that helps develop fine motor skills when pushing down on the top to make the tractor move. My littles enjoy racing this across the room!

3. This Animals Farm Playset is perfect for pretend play. I love that it has so many engaging little activities to do (ring the bell, open and close gates, turn the mill, etc.) We don’t actually own this but it is a Christmas wishlist item!

4. Looking to develop better fine motor skills in your toddler? A Animals Farm Playset would be perfect! My littles love this puzzle because it makes noise when they get it in the spot it belongs.

5. Finally, these Farm Friend Hand Puppets would be perfect to use as you read a farm book, sing Old McDonald together, or put on a farm play! Hope these books and toys inspire some wonderful play moments with your little.

Hope these books and toys inspire some wonderful play moments with your little.

Crack the Eggs Fine Motor Activity Activities, Farm Theme 0 Comments

This is the perfect pretend play fine motor activity for toddlers to work in the kitchen, crack open eggs, dump out the “egg”, and whisk them into some splendid scrambled eggs for breakfast time!

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We are on the farm this month and having a blast! I thought up this super simple activity to continue to play with easter eggs ALL year. They have so many uses and my kids just love them. I did end up purchasing special ones for this activity to make it look more realistic but this is definitely not a necessity

I wanted my littles to understand the concept that eggs come from chickens. So I printed out a few chickens and when the littles woke up in the morning, I shared that the chickens had left a surprise for them. 

All giggles, they ran to the living room to see what it was. They gathered the eggs under the chickens into their egg cartons. 

Set Up and Materials

White Easter Eggs (these are the ones I purchased because they were the best priced!) However, using any plastic colored Easter Eggs would be perfect!

White Pom Poms

Yellow Pom Poms

• Egg Carton (I just saved one we were finished with in the kitchen- a basket would work great for gathering too)

Farm Animals PDF (Page 3 has the Chicken Cut-Out) You can use the other farm animals in this activity

• A kitchen pan (or any container) and whisk (or spoon). We used these pots and this whisk.

Set Up

I placed about 4 white and 1 yellow pom pom in each egg. I cut out the chickens and taped them to the wall (or couch in this case). Then I placed the eggs underneath them.

Invitation to Pretend Play

After gathering their eggs from underneath their chickens, I shared how absolutely hungry I was and asked if they would please make me some breakfast with their eggs

I shared that they just needed to:

  1. pound the egg on the floor
  2. open it up and dump it out into the pot
  3. whisk up all the eggs in the pot
  4. cook them up
  5. serve them to mommy

It went something like this but not exactly ha! My little3years got everything set up for breakfast, orange juice included, and we pretend ate our delicious scrambled eggs. 

I love that this activity is fine motor and pretend play all wrapped up in one!

I also love that the kids got to pretend play what it would be like to gather the eggs from the chickens and then use them for food on the farm. 

Glow In The Dark Bath Activities 0 Comments

This glow bath is an easy peasy way to change up bath time for toddlers and young children. We continued to enjoy an evening of lights out, glow sticks on! 

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It’s the beginning of November and currently snowing. I’m not a cold weather kind of gal.

We still spend as much time outside as we can, even in the winter months, but to be honest, it’s just not the same as getting to spend most every day outside in the summer.

But staying inside all winter can get boring. And so this is a really easy, really inexpensive way to change things up from the regular bath time routine.


We did this for the first time a couple weeks back when I bought some glow sticks around halloween time. It was such a huge hit, that this is our third bath time like this! I picked out glow sticks up in the dollar section at Target but you could also purchase them here.

I love that you this activity requires no prep but to purchase glow sticks and prep the regular bath. And the littles entertain themselves in all sorts of ways because it’s different and new and fun. 

I personally stocked up on glow sticks and will be bringing this out again and again to make it to bedtime this winter. 

What fun ways do you change up bath time?