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An easy to put together craft for your toddler to give as a gift to grandma or whoever this holiday season! 

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It’s a busy time of year. But let’s be honest, I think I am most always busy. We all choose the things that are most important to do and the rest sometimes falls to the wayside until there is time. 

I really enjoy doing crafts with my littles but sometimes I feel like there are just too many steps and so many supplies and I just don’t have time for that! Well here is a craft that is not any of those things!

Here’s how I put this Craft Together in 10 minutes

I simply gathered some white pipe cleaners and some pony beads (I had some left from the dollar store but am planning to buy more in these colors.

Next I cut 5 pipe cleaners to 4 inch pieces and 8 pipe cleaners to 1 in pieces. The 1 in pieces can be set aside until the end.

I twisted two 4 inch pieces together in the center to make a cross and twisted the third around those and finally the fourth one. 

Toddler Craft TIme

It is important to supervise this craft as pony beads are a choking hazard.

I had my littles come in and add the pony beads to each stem. I told them to count out 3 for each one. 

This is an excellent craft to work on fine motor, patterns, and counting–all skills that are important for them to be developing. 

Finishing Up

Once the littles were done, I twisted the one inch piece on the end to secure the beads and make it look more like a snowflake. I then took the final 4 inch pipe cleaner and wrapped the two ends around the top of one stem to make the hole for hanging on the tree.

It was such an easy craft and such a success that we are ordering more beads to make some more for gifts.

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